Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Mother Of All Rosaries: Weird Things Around The House #6

When I moved in, it was hanging on the wall in the space over my bed. It had been hanging there so long that when I pulled it down a light outline of it was left, Shroud of Turin-style.

It is The Mother Of All Rosaries.

I don't know where it came from. Perhaps it just appeared one day, the same way God supposedly just suddenly was. There is only one indicator on the back of the cross at the bottom - "Italy". No shit.

It's absolutely gigantic, at least six feet long, and plastic. As you can see, I had to double it up to wear it and we still couldn't fit the whole thing in the picture. Each bead has a weeping Christ and Mary embossed onto it, as shown in the closeup. It's incredibly depressing to look at, and why you would want it hanging above a bed was a mystery, until my mother informed me that this kind of rosary was supposed to protect you from thunderstorms and lightning strikes.

So, I guess I'll be struck by lightning soon, which will be hardly surprising, considering:

A.) My "luck" lately and,
B.) That I tried to wear it as a statement piece.

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