Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poppy had The Sugar

My grandfather's name was Edward (ok, it was actually Ignatius but no one called him that). Granny called him Eddie but we all called him "Poppy". He had a sweet tooth. He also had a low grade form of diabetes.
Despite this diagnosis, what I remember about visiting them as a child was the constant stream of cookies, candy and ice cream. Oh, the ice cream...
Despite her ever increasing state of deafness, thirty years ago Granny could hear the freezer door open from a mile away.

GRANNY: Eddie!
POPPY: What?
GRANNY: Stop eating that ice cream! You've got the sugar!

So, why would you keep this stuff in the house with a diabetic? Granny claimed it "was for the grandkids". So those three empty half-gallon cartons I saw in her trash last week were "for the grandkids"?

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